Home"I don't look at the world the same way that most do.
Never have, never will."
- Angela Manginelli
"Angela was professional and laid back to work with, and her pictures are phenomenal. She captures people in expressive, attractive and sometimes hilarious moments. I would recommend her for any photography needs."
- Michael Patrick O'Brien

"Angela wowed and amazed me! Her love for photography and her excitement to be taking the pictures rang through in each shot she took. She is passionate and professional. I highly recommend her for any job!"
- Bob Kulhan

"Our cards require a very special talent to capture their image. Angela is fabulous -- she is able to capture the perfect image for each of our cards, no matter how far out they are! I highly recommend her for any project."
- Joseph Williams,

"Angela came in at the last minute and shot a set of photos that made the show look great and captured the mood of the world of the play. She has a knack for catching key moments of action and emotion in a still frame."
- Daniel Heath

"Angela is great at creating a relaxed and well organized environment allowing her to capture a group in its most natural state. She has the artistic eye and and perfect timing that can capture all kinds of striking images with great angles, lighting and aesthetics."
- Buxter Hoot'n

"Angela's photos make buildings and cityscapes seem like they have personalities and then she makes candid shots of people seem architectural. Only an artist like her (or a magician) can so easily, fully, and strongly, change how any viewer sees the everyday in a whole new way."
- Jonathan Pitts

"Angela, by far is the most comfortable photographer that I have worked with. She is exceptionally good at making you feel like you are beautiful and the world needs to see it, "so smile!". The comfort level with her I describe as this, me able to take pictures of me. Oh yeah, she like's ice cream after a shoot too."
- Marlon Grace